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Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity
Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity

Poker is one of the few gambling games in which success depends not only on luck and strategy, but also on the psychology of opponents. Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity has led to the fact that large-scale series of tournaments with large prize pools are regularly held. To beat the casino at poker is not enough just to learn the rules. You need to understand the actions of your opponents, master the basic strategies and know which one to use in a given situation.

Types of casino poker

The game has been known for over 450 years, and has acquired many versions during its existence. Some are found only in a single copy, others are widespread. Consider the most famous varieties.

Texas Hold’em

Differs in the optimal ratio of general and hidden information. This makes the game dynamic and interesting. Combined with simple rules, this feature makes Hold’em the most popular form of poker.

Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity
Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity

The croupier deals two hidden cards to each of them, puts three more open cards on the table. Bidding takes place in turn: participants place bets, answer the opponents’ bets (equalize, raise) or fold their hands. Blackjack Tips a will help you choose the right tactics and strategy for a winning game. Then the dealer deals one more community card, and the bidding takes place again. The last circle goes the same way. After it, the players who did not fold open combinations, and the dealer sums up the results.

There are several types of Texas Hold’em:

  • Limit – with a fixed rate. A more flexible option is pot limit, with an established upper and lower limit.
  • Unlimited – it is allowed to bet any amount (not less than the minimum).
  • For beginners and poker players with a limited deposit, it is better to choose limit hold’em with small stakes. In such versions, there is less risk of losing money under pressure from rivals.

When everyone has finished laying out, points are calculated and compared (depending on specific combinations). It is important to observe seniority so that the stronger ones are below. Otherwise, you will have to give 6 points to each opponent. Sometimes it is allowed that the combinations are of equal strength.

Chinese poker

The layout in Chinese poker: bottom row – two pair, middle – a pair of aces, top – queens

Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity
Each game is unique and interesting, and immense popularity

Before hold’em, for a long time, the most popular version was Stud. In this variation, the dealer initially deals 3 cards to everyone: 1 – face up, 2 – face down. Trading starts with the weakest hand. In this case, the face value of the open card is taken into account – if it is the same for several participants, they look at the suit (in decreasing order of strength: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs). After each round, the dealer deals one card face up, the second and subsequent trades are started by the player with the strongest hand. The last card is dealt face down, after the showdown the combinations are revealed and the winner is determined. There are four-, five-, seven-card varieties. If you are tired of just reading articles, then it’s time to start playing real slots, but only the best licensed casinos are presented on this site –

In addition, the herd has special subspecies: Hi / Lo, in which the older and younger combinations wins, Razz, where only the younger one wins.

Another common version is draw poker. It differs by simple rules: participants receive 5 cards, bidding takes place, then everyone can replace the starting hand in whole or in part. The exchange takes place in a closed for the dealer and opponents, after which the second round of trading follows, the results are summed up.

No Limit Texas Hold’em Casino Rules

Poker rules in online casinos and real establishments may coincide with different versions of the game or even have exclusive modifications, but most often this is classic Texas Hold’em. Let’s consider in more detail the order of distribution, the meaning of combinations, payments, special conditions in this variety.