Online casino or poker

Online casino or poker

At the moment of its appearance and beginning of poker boom – poker was a gold mine: players received huge sums, affiliates made masses of affiliate sites, which, by the way, brought a lot of money.

All the ludomans, of which there were a lot, paid for it. At one time a large number of gamblers discovered poker and switched to it from the casino. There was a real poker boom in the world. Huge finances were involved in the industry, but soon all this came to an end. Over time, the domains of some of the largest rums were blocked. Then there was a default of FullTilt, Absolute and UltimateBet.

Online casino or poker

Now there is practically no money left in the world of poker. Of course, there are some sums of money, which were formed due to the formation of a certain number of players, but all this is the remnants of luxury.

What has happened? At the beginning of the “poker fever”, there was a lack of both necessary knowledge and trackers. And in order to have the advantage it was necessary to represent a simple mystery player. Over time, the number of fans of the card game increased. Ludomans, who brought income, began to lose more online casino and more of their money: if before chips, making deposits, could easily untwist and stay in the plus, but with each time it became more and more difficult.

As a result, the funds that brought in chips began to earn both regulators and rake rums. Rooms made high expenses on regulators, instead of investing in promotion: such a system is doomed to a bad end. In addition, affluents (partners), instead of attracting chips, began to attract regulators because they make more rake (after all, in poker affluents get interest from the rake). As a result, schools of poker started to appear actively.

Things would have been much more efficient if there was no division of pools, but in the end this system is not profitable because of the regulators. Casinos have no regulators, and the ludoman has a better chance of winning money than poker.

It’s possible to make money in poker even now. But the game has become very difficult: you need to analyze, use trackers, have a general idea about your opponents and so on. Moreover, for the start it will take a lot of capital investments.

The conclusion is simple: poker is not profitable for a ludoman, especially in an offline casino, where there are regulators. That is why experienced players prefer slots, roulette, blackjack and other entertainment.