Payments online casino

Payments online casino

The maximum number of active withdrawal requests is limited to 3 transactions.

In my opinion, this is a very unfair rule point. The number of transactions at the deposit, the casino does not limit, but the number of withdrawals please. It is clear that in this way the casino is fighting with frequent deposit withdrawals to save interest of the payment system, but more honest casinos, in the fight against this introduces not restrictions on the number of conclusions, and additional commissions when a certain number of transactions “deposit withdrawals”. Under a very reasonable pretext, the casino prescribing such a rule, abuse it, applying it not only to those who drive the money back there, but also to quite honest players, simply limiting their conclusions, thereby delaying the payment term, in the hope of losing the balance of non-deductible funds.

Payments online casino

Payouts are made within 24 working hours.

In this case, I would recommend to clarify the number of working hours within one calendar day with the support team. As a rule, the number of working hours is 8, which means that 24 working hours will be equal to 3 calendar days (excluding weekends and holidays). That is, it is already difficult to call such a rule “transparent” and the casino is misleading, as the payment terms are much longer than it may seem at first sight.

All your conclusions will be processed as a matter of urgency.

If the maximum terms of processing requests for withdrawal are not specified in addition, as in the case of casinos where the extract from the rules, the casino can clearly be classified as potentially fraudulent, as it does not set the maximum withdrawal time. In my question to the support service, they were able to voice only the “average time of processing requests”, which is not specified anywhere in the rules. What can it threaten? Yes, the fact that in the case of a very large win, the casino can process the request in a week and a month, as the concept of “urgency” is very vague and it will be very difficult to prove your case.

All payments are made on time in the absence of technical reasons, which do not depend on xxx Casino.

Quite an adequate rule, but unscrupulous casinos often manipulate it, not making payments and referring to technical problems. Personally, I have repeatedly encountered such a problem. In this case, it is very simple to distinguish between an honest casino and a fraudulent casino: an honest casino in this case makes a mailing list on the base of its clients / notification in the personal cabinet in the casino about the time limits of deposits or withdrawals to a particular payment system, and the dishonest informs you about it in a chat with the support team personally, without any mass notifications. Accordingly, if you once faced with such a problem and this casino uses dishonest methods of work, it is better to stop playing at this casino.

The administration of the casino reserves the right to make payments in accordance with the individual schedule and set the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal for one operation and the time of this operation, which may vary depending on the method of withdrawal, your account status, or other factors.